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About Me


Let's keep it simple...

I hate having my headshots taken. As an actor in LA for the last 26 years, and before that Seattle, I've done it a million times. The outfits. The "looks." The weird poses. The zit that only appears for headshots, big auditions, and first dates. The intimidating photographer and the hope that THIS time I'd get THE shot that would get me in the door. 

I started taking headshots 7 years ago for friends just for fun. Soon it was friends of friends and then eventually I started getting referrals from agents and casting directors. I studied filmmaking and cinematography at LA City College and transposed those storytelling skills along with my years in the industry to my photography business. I believe that the actor's face tells the story. 

There are a million great photographers in L.A. with amazing portfolios and elaborate studios with busy backdrops. I've shot with some of them! If money is no object you should shoot with them!


But, here's what I know: There is no magic bullet. There is no magic headshot. I've spent thousands of dollars over the years on photoshoots and I've had as much success with a less expensive headshot, where I felt laid back and unpressured, as I have with a $700 headshot where I ended up feeling stiff and uncomfortable and worried about how much money I was spending. 

I'm easy. I'm affordable. 

My goal is to get you a great, simple,clean, shot that looks like you, and reflects who you are.  Simple. 


I love your input and inspiration, and I'm completely open to your ideas. 


I don't do a ton of retouching. You should look like you not a cartoon character.





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